BSI is fully committed to the health of our employees and partners in the market.



365bet怎么样As Foodservice Industry stakeholders, Food Service Holdings, parent company of BSI, English Manufacturing and Colorado Custom Stone, is fully committed to the health of our employees and partners in the market. Food Service Holdings, LLC believes that its business is designated as part of the Essential Infrastructure per the State of Colorado, because it is:

1. Engaged with state, local and federal governments to maintain food safety in essential food distribution at Government and Military facilities;

2. Engaged with the safety and sanitation of food delivery for essential businesses, as referenced above, such as: a) Grocery stores, b) Elderly care facilitates, c) Hospitals and d) Critical Defense Contractors; and

3. Engaged with construction projects for essential businesses, such as: a) Critical Defense Contractors, b) Educational facilities and c) Municipal buildings (e.g., Airports, etc.)

365bet怎么样Our intent is to maintain as normal an operation as possible and to mitigate any disruption to our manufacturing and business processes, which as of today are still fully operational and adhering to project timelines. We are taking the following proactive measures in an effort to maintain business continuity through this epidemic we are all facing:

  • Remote working policy for much of our team and quarantine protocol for any team members with risk of exposure
  • Modified workstations and manufacturing processes to comply with CDC guidelines for social distancing
  • Temporarily halted external visitors at our facilities, to minimize risk of spread.
  • Postponed any non-essential business travel and customer/end-user visits
  • Stringent sterilization and sanitation measures to minimize potential spread of the virus
  • Initiated multiple steps over the past several months to ensure that our supply chain is secured to the fullest degree possible

We kindly request your support and express gratitude in advance with regards to the following, as we navigate this new scenario:

  • Your patience if you experience delayed response times resulting from our precautionary measures
  • Proactive communication of any delays in your scheduled projects

365bet怎么样We will continue to monitor and fully adhere to County, State and Federal regulations and will modify our operational processes at any point deemed necessary. In the meantime, we will continue doing everything in our ability to be of service to the Foodservice Industry, the customers and partners we serve and to our nation at large.

We wish for your continued health and safety, as we all proceed through these unprecedented times.


Bill Reeves
President and CEO
Food Service Holdings

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